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Chen Yunjin Maurer Michael Saffari Amir Schulter Samuel Seichter Hartmut Voglreiter Philip Zeisl Bernhard Lex Alexander Arth Clemens Barakonyi István Bauer Joachim Beichel Reinhard Bischof Horst Bornik Alexander Reitinger Bernhard Bauer Christian Gruber Lukas Kainz Bernhard Pirchheim Christian Daftry Shreyansh Wagner Daniel Kalkofen Denis Donoser Michael Elbischger Pierre Ferstl David Fraundorfer Friedrich Reitmayr Gerhard Geymayer Thomas Godec Martin Graber Gottfried Grabner Markus Grubert Jens Hartl Andreas Hauswiesner Stefan Riemenschneider Hayko Grabner Helmut Hirzer Martin Hofer Manuel Holzmann Thomas Hoppe Christof Irschara Arnold Newman Joseph Junghanns Sebastian Khan Inayatullah Kalkusch Michael Karner Konrad Kenzel Michael Kerbl Bernhard Khlebnikov Rostislav Klaus Andreas Klopschitz Manfred Kluckner Stefan Köstinger Martin Kontschieder Peter Pirker Katrin Kruijff Ernst Langlotz Tobias Langs Georg Leberl Franz Lee Felix Leistner Christian Leitner Raimund Lenz Martin Mauthner Thomas Meixner Philipp Mendez Erick Grabner Michael Heber Markus Mühl Judith Mulloni Alessandro Ober Sandra Pacher Georg Partl Christian Pflugfelder Roman Pinz Axel Roth Peter M. Pock Thomas Possegger Horst Puff Werner Pan Qi Ram Surinder Ranftl René Grasset Raphael Recky Michal Regenbrecht Holger Reinbacher Christian Rüther Matthias Rumpler Markus Santner Jakob Sareika Markus Schall Gerhard Schmalstieg Dieter Schulz Hans-Jörg Sormann Mario Steinberger Markus Stern Darko Sternig Sabine Storer Markus Straka Matthias Streit Marc Tatzgern Markus Nguyen Thanh Nguyen Thuy Trobin Werner Unger Markus Uray Martina Urschler Martin Veas Eduardo Ventura Jonathan Waldner Manuela Wendel Andreas Werlberger Manuel Winter Martin Wohlhart Paul Zach Christopher Zebedin Lukas Zollmann Stefanie
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3D Computer Vision 3D reconstruction Aerial Vision Augmented Reality Augmented Video Best Paper Award Biometrics Caleydo Computational Photography Computer Graphics Computer Vision Convex Optimization Coordinate transformations detection face Fingerprint Georeferencing GPU GUI HOG Human Computer Interaction Image Labelling Image restoration Industrial Applications Information Visualization integral imaging Interaction Interaction Design Light estimation Machine Learning Medical computer vision Medical Visualization Mixed Reality Mobile computing Mobile phone Model Multi-Display Environments Multiple Perspectives Non-convex optimization Object detection Object recognition Object reconstruction Object Tracking On-Line Learning Paid Thesis Photorealism Robotics Segmentation Shape analysis shape from focus Simulation SLAM Software Projects Structure from Motion Surveillance SVM Symmetry Tracking Fusion Tracking, Action Recognition User Interfaces Variational Methods View Management Virtual reality and augmented reality Visual Tracking Visualization
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Smart Reality - Innovation Network for Smart Applications and Media

The market for mobile media services will expand significantly in the next years. The explosion in the usage of smartphones and the growth of the application store model to sell individual services to smartphone users opens a new and attractive market for developers of simple, useful applications. New revenue streams can be created by in-application one-click purchasing. Aggregation of a camera on Internet-connected smartphones leads to the possibility of having a live video stream of the user's reality augmented by content and services from the Web. Location-based services and augmented reality are seen as potential killer applications of the mobile Internet because users are enabled to access additional information related to where they are, what they are seeing, or what they are doing, as well as instantly purchase related services and content.

For example, instead of just seeing a street poster for a club night and passing by, this new paradigm opens up instant access via the Internet-enabled smartphone to the club‘s location, purchasing an entrance ticket or listening to/buying the DJ mixes. A new co-operation net-work – the Innovation Network for Smart Applications and Media - will bring key Austrian R&D and innovative SMEs together to make real this new paradigm for smart mobile and media applications which we call Smart Reality, and be the first to benefit commercially from it.

2010 2012
AR4DOC - Augmented Reality for Document Inspection

Smartphones have evolved considerably in processing power over the last years. They now feature multi-core CPUs as well as GPUs and consumer-quality cameras up to HD resolution. This makes them an interesting platform for graphics and vision and opens new opportunities for research.

The aim of AR4DOC is to facilitate the task of document inspection by a human operator. This requires the person to have detailed knowledge about the nature of a document, which may be outdated or even unavailable at the time of inspection.

We seek to provide this information in an interactive way using Mobile Augmented Reality (AR), so that a well-grounded decision on the vailidity of a document is possible. This involves several tasks such as document localization, recognition, tracking, presentation as well as interaction.





2010 2013

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