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The Narkissos Project

Narkissos is the next generation virtual dressing room.

IBVH rendering The main goal of NARKISSOS is to develop the next generation “magic mirror“ to be installed in a dressing room of a fashion store. The magic mirror is a technical multimedia system, where the consumer can watch himself on a video wall dressed by the clothes which are chosen by touch board or which he did register per RFID tag (embedded in the clothing) at a RFID reader stationed near the video wall of the virtual dressing room. Users can interactively change shape and appearance of the clothing in the mirror image without actually having to change cloths. Customers can also observe themselves (i.e., their avatar) from every side instantaneously.

Technically, this requires reconstructing an avatar with personalized body shape quickly and robustly, without any manual interaction. The model resembles the customer’s body shape as closely as possible. The customer’s motion is tracked in real-time, without attached markers or other tracking aids. Subsequently, the motion information is transferred on the avatar, which is deformed accordingly and rendered on the mirror display. The customer’s mirror image is augmented with the selected garment. Realistic appearance, fit and physics of the garment are simulated on the avatar in real time. Offline photometric registration will enable us to consider interaction of the light between virtual and real objects for photorealistic effects in the image synthesis. View interpolation is used to allow control of the virtual camera by the human user. The main innovations in this project are cheap bodyscanning, applicable in medium and large fashion stores, combined with marker-less human body motion tracking for accurate augmented rendering.

This project will be continued by Reactive Reality.

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