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Welcome to the complementing website to the IEEE VisWeek tutorial
Connecting the Dots: Linking Relationships in Data and Beyond
by Marc Streit, Hans-Joerg Schulz and Alexander Lex.

We will make all slides and a list of references available on this page during/after the tutorial.


02:00 - 02:15 Introduction (Marc Streit)

02:15 - 03:15 Part I - What to Link (Hans-Joerg Schulz)

03:15 - 03:40 Part II - How to Link (Alexander Lex)

03:40 - 04:15 Coffee Break

04:15 - 04:50 Part II - How to Link (Alexander Lex)

04:50 - 05:50 Part III - When to Link (Marc Streit)


Intro Slides
Slides for Part I - What to Link?
Slides for Part II - How to Link?
Slides for Part III - When to Link?

Part 2 Help: Quality Considerations for Linking Data

Scalability for # items

  • How many items can be linked for one relation?

Scalability for # relations

  • How many relationships can be shown at the same time?

Perception issues

  • Can the links be perceived easily or “preattentively”?
  • Can all entities belonging to a relationship be easily identified?

Occlusion issues

  • Is the base representation preserved?

Compatibility to base representation?

  • Is the choice of visual encoding for a link suitable for the encoding of the base representation?

Practical/Implementation issues?

  • Easy to implement?
  • Efficient to implement?

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