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Within Caleydo, we have several projects and objectives we want to achieve. On these pages we present those projects that together make up the Caleydo research project but also the software.

Not everything you can read about here is already in the stable branch and therefore publicly available. Some ideas might actually never reach that stage, others are more mature already.

For a list of funded research projects please look at our sponsors

Caleydo Visualization Framework

Framework Logo The framework provides the core functionality for the other projects. It provides data handling, event management and view management. Through its architecture it supports a rapid prototyping approach when creating and integrating new visualizations.

Caleydo is open source, that means you can get the source code, modify it and contribute if you like!

StratomeX: Cancer Subtype Analysis

StratomeX StratomeX is a visualization technique developed in Caleydo for cancer subtype analysis based on multiple biomolecular datasets, combined with clinical and pathway data.

enRoute: Dynamic Path Extraction from Pathways for In-Depth Experimental Data Analysis

enRoute path selection enRoute experimental data visualization enRoute is a visualization technique that lets you select a path in a pathway and look at your experimental data for this path. Other systems try to map all the data onto the node, which is limited to a handful of values. enRoute lets you explore hundrets of experimental values for every node in the path.

Entourage: Visualizing Relationships between Pathways


Entourage works in concert with enRoute to manage multiple pathways, find interdependencies between pathways and discover related pathways. The core idea of Entourage is that of contextual subsets. To manage the limited display space we don't show multiple complete pathways but instead display a contextually relevant subset of nodes and edges.

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