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Portrait of Daniel Wagner Daniel Wagner was a postdoctoral researcher at Graz University of Technology until March 2010. He received his MSc from Vienna University of Technology and his PhD from Graz University of Technology. During his studies he worked as a software developer and joined Reality2, developing Virtual Reality software. After finishing his Computer Science studies, Daniel was lead developer at Vienna based game company BinaryBee, working on high-quality multi-user internet games, as a software developer for Tisc Media, doing 3D engine development for a TV-show game, and as a consultant for Greentube’s "Ski Challenge ’05". In 2006 he was a visiting researcher at HITLab New Zealand. In October 2007 Daniel finished his PhD thesis on PhD thesis on Handheld Augmented Reality. Daniel conducted research at Graz University of Technology on mobile Augmented Reality technology. His research interests are real-time graphics and computer vision for mobile phones.

Here is a list of my Publications

Daniel Wagner is now a member of Qualcomm, working as a principal engineer at the Qualcomm Austria Research Center. Find more information at Qualcomm Research and Development.


My mail address and a web-based contact form can be found on this page which also contains my phone number (please call only for extremely important and urgent issues).

If you want to send me encrypted messages or check my signature, get my public PGP key from here (key-id: 0x777AE5A4)

If you require fast and direct contact you can skype me using the button below. Please be aware that my Skype client won't react onto messages from unknown users. So start by adding me to your contact list with the button below and provide a good explanation about what you want...

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My status

Research Interests

My current research interests involve

  • Augmented Reality
  • Handheld AR
  • Pervasive Computing
  • Rendering on Mobile Phones
  • Realtime Graphics

Conference Activities

  • Attending as paper author or showing demos: WSCG 2002 (Plzen), ISWC 2003 (New York), SIGGRAPH 2004 (Los Angeles), VR 2005 (Bonn), Imagina 2005 (Monte Carlo), Wired NextFest 2005 (Chicago), Ars Electronica 2005 (Linz), MobileHCI 2005 (Salzburg), ISMAR 2005 (Vienna), Pervasive 2005 (Munich), ICAT 2006 (Hangzhou), ACE 2006 (Los Angeles), ISMAR 2006 (Santa Barbara), CVWW 2007 (St. Lambrecht), VR 2007 (Charlotte), MEDC 2007 (Las Vegas), PerGames 2007 (Salzburg), ISMAR 2007 (Tokyo), *Techready 6 (Seattle), Techready 7* (Seattle), ISMAR 2008 (Cambridge), PEACH 2008 (Turin), WARM'09 (Graz), Mobile Graphics Workshop at EG2009 (Munich)
  • Organizer: WARM'07, Handheld AR Tutorial at VR2007, Handheld AR Tutorial at ISMAR2007, WARM'08, WARM'09

Current Projects

I'm currently involved in the following research projects

Previous projects

I'm working a lot with mobile phones and PDAs. Here is a family photo of my current equipment. Looking at an older picture from half a year ago can be found here one can clearly see that we move away from PDAs to MS Smartphones at the moment.


Other Activities

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